Proven Executive Leadership

Erica Baez is a proven leader with decades of legal experience that uniquely qualifies her for this position. The Clerk of Court is more than just a figurehead. The Clerk serves as a mediator between divisions at the courthouse to best serve the county constituents, counsel, and parties involved in litigation. Erica Baez is the only qualified candidate who can serve in this position.

Erica started as a law clerk for the Chesterfield Circuit Court Judge Harold W. Burgess, Jr. In the years since, Erica has opened her law firm, served as the President of the Chesterfield County Bar Association, and worked on the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. In fact, Erica drafted the bylaws for both organizations. She knows how to operate a multifaceted enterprise. Erica is a passionate leader who is dedicated to serving Chesterfield County.

Leading for Chesterfield County

Leadership is a critical component of running a successful office. From her days directing plays in college to her time as the President of the Chesterfield Bar Association to owning her law firm, Erica has been a leader able to unite diverse groups of people behind a common cause. She will use her decades of experience to motivate, inspire, and set an example for the employees in the Clerk’s Office. Erica understands that a one size fits all philosophy will not serve the citizens of Chesterfield County.

Serving With Integrity

As Clerk of Court, Erica will continue the office’s legacy of serving with honor and integrity. Erica understands that to lead an effective and efficient office, she and her staff must be guided by shared principles and values to deliver fair and equal justice for the people of Chesterfield County. Erica will help provide equitable justice for Chesterfield residents and ensure that her staff in the Clerk’s office serve by the values set forth on day one. Erica’s number one priority will be solidifying confidence in Chesterfield County’s judicial system by ensuring her office handles all matters effectively and professionally.

Delivering Effective, Efficient Results for Chesterfield

Erica understands that serving Chesterfield County means more than just talking about the issues; it means delivering real results. As the President of the Chesterfield County Bar Association and the owner of her law firm, Erica has successfully created cultures of success with staff equipped to navigate the issues facing clients. Erica is a proven leader with the experience necessary to serve Chesterfield County.

Modernizing the Clerk’s Office

The Chesterfield County Circuit Court’s Office has long been a pilot program for innovative new practices for the Commonwealth. Erica understands that, in every office, there are inefficiencies that must be addressed. On day one, Erica will begin auditing the Clerk’s office to find new ways to optimize efficiency. Clerks, lawyers, judges, and residents are best served when they can access necessary resources as quickly as possible, such as court orders immediately upon entry, official records, and other relevant case documents.

Erica will further modernize the county’s systems. She understands that the only way to do this is to work closely with the judge’s chambers to expand access to technological resources for the entire judiciary. Erica has a long-standing, professional, and respected relationship with the Court.